In Poland, the activists disrupted a concert of the ensemble of the Russian army (VIDEO)

В Польше активисты сорвали концерт ансамбля российской армии (ВИДЕО)

On Friday, 7 December, two Polish activists interrupted a concert of song and dance ensemble of the Russian army Alexandrov, which was held in Bydgoszcz.

As reported by, activists Rafal Dryers and Michal Voicescu ran to the scene with banners “Kremlin rashizm – out over the don” and shouted “hands off from Ukraine”.

They also held a banner “Glory to the Ukrainians, who are fighting for your freedom and ours”. It all happened during the song “Holy war.”

One of the activists, running out on stage, pulled a Russian flag placed on a stand near a little less Polish. None of about a hundred military singers did not respond.

In just a few seconds of activists from the stage brought security.

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