In Peru, the guy fell into the sewer because of the passion your smartphone (VIDEO)

В Перу парень провалился в канализацию из-за увлеченности своим смартфоном (ВИДЕО)

In ICA in Peru, the guy is too fascinated by the smartphone while walking down the street that he had fallen into an open manhole.

It is reported

Luis Alberto Cruces, Berdejo was so fascinated by the gadget that I saw no fences, no yellow ribbons.

Out of the sewers the young man alone could not.

He managed to shout to passers-by, and they called rescuers.

The victim was pulled out of Luke and was sent to the hospital.

According to local media reports, he suffered minor injuries.

Also, earlier it was reported that in England in the sewers of the town of Sidmouth, the workers discovered a giant fat monster.