In Paris near the arc de Triomphe on the wall found the inscription on the Maidan (VIDEO)

В Париж возле Триумфальной арки на стене нашли надпись о Майдане (ВИДЕО)

In Paris, where now are the protests of “yellow jackets” against the increase in fuel prices, near the arc de Triomphe reads “Maidan 2018”.

This was reported on the website of Vimeo.

Recall that in Paris in the result of the meeting of the “yellow jackets” against rising petrol prices has already killed three people.

Because of the protests suffered dozens of stores, protesters damaged the arch and blocked the roads.

Due to protests in the country may declare a state of emergency. During the riots in Paris, detained more than a hundred people, another hundred hurt during the rallies.

Also, recall that on Tuesday, December 4, in France intensified the protests of high school students who decided to join the resistance “yellow jackets”, opposing the policy of President Emmanuel Macron.

In Paris near the arc de Triomphe reads “Maidan 2018” from Stranaya on Vimeo.

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