In order to see Ukraine developed, it should be the desire of those in power to live in this country – the economist

Для того чтобы Украина развивалась, должно быть желание власть имущих жить в этой стране - экономист

We got the collapse of the country, because everyone has tried at some higher level management to solve their problems to earn more money.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said economist Igor garbaruk.

“I welcome those people who make a profit, but I despise those people who make a decline who are trying, like jackals, to snatch from a moribund economy to something else. Couldn’t do it, and profit from the people who are at a great level of control, including and the budget”, – said the expert.

According to the economist, Ukraine today is perceived by many representatives of the current government as a country of temporary stay. When you live in this country, you don’t buy a Villa on the Spanish coast, when your children are studying at the University of Shevchenko or trade and economic University, and not somewhere in London. So this is an indicator of whether a man for this country or she for him just a resource for consumption, to make money.

“It is necessary to clearly separate the concepts – this is for you “the Ukraine” or is it for you “Motherland Ukraine”. And if it’s your homeland, you’re going to do everything in order to progress. And this homeland is not the land (land is a physical dimension), and man – each of us, his desires, his capabilities and his needs. I believe that there should be common principles, which develops the state should be the desire of those in power to live in this country”, – said Igor garbaruk.

The economist added that we got the collapse of the country, because everyone has tried at some great level of management to solve some of your questions to earn more money.

According to the economist, if you compare the cost of the current 4200 UAH (“minimal”. – Ed.) cost money a few years ago, the consumer power they will be absolutely and fundamentally different. The money now you can buy a minimum of 3-4 times less than they could buy before, a few years ago.

“No, we don’t think about where does the amount of 90 dollars per thousand cubic meters of gas, because actually the amount we had. How much cost us dollar in 2013 – UAH 8. That is, $ 100 – it was 800 UAH. And a thousand cubic meters of gas then cost 720 UAH. Not 8550 UAH, as of now, and 720 UAH. It’s just dramatically different concepts. That is, under the guise of reform we got is actually the collapse of the country”, – said Igor garbaruk.