In new York held a ceremony put a curse on the President of the United States (VIDEO)

В Нью-Йорке прошел обряд наведения порчи на президента США (ВИДЕО)

Sunday, 21 October, by the sorcerers and witches of Catland, which is located in new York, was a rite put a curse on US President Donald trump and a Supreme court judge Brett Cavanaugh.

About it reports Today.

During the ceremony, 60 people read out the spell on a rag doll with pictures of trump, Kavanagh and the leader of the Republican party in the Senate Mitch McConnell.

Near shop also protested religious Americans who do not accept “black magic”.

Live broadcast events were held on Facebook and Instagram.

We will remind, the Upper house of Congress approved the nomination of Brett kavanaugh to the judge of the Supreme court of the United States, despite a scandal involving charges of sexual harassment.

Thousands of Americans took to protest. Hundreds were arrested, among which was a Hollywood star and a top model. In turn, Brett Cavanaugh denies everything, although he was accused by several women.

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