In Moscow under mysterious circumstances has died 18-the summer football player of “Locomotive” – the media

В Москве при загадочных обстоятельствах умер 18-летний футболист «Локомотива» – СМИ

Striker youth team of Lokomotiv’s Aleksey Lomakin, ceases to get in touch last weekend, was found dead. 18-year-old football player was discovered on Sunday, December 2, in Moscow.

About it reports channel 360, citing a source familiar with the situation.

Previously, the mother Lomakin appealed to the police to establish the whereabouts of his son. Last Friday, the player is gone for the treatments in the DTS of FC “locomotive” and after the night is gone, ceasing to answer calls. Phone player appeared online on December 2. As it turned out, Lomakin forgot it in a taxi, which was traveling together with a friend, Ivan. Mother found out from him that they together took alcoholic drinks, but remember where they spent time, Ivan could not.

Aleksey Lomakin is a graduate of the Academy of Lokomotiv. In the club he is with 2007. This season, Lomakin, who plays as a right forward, played three matches in the youth championship.

Earlier, father of the famous Ukrainian football player was found dead on the river Bank.

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