In Moldova the party of power has brought tens of thousands of people to rally in his support – news ZIK.UA

In the capital of Moldova held a rally in support of the ruling party – “the Democratic party”, which participants organized were brought from all regions of the country.

As reported by, a few hours before the start of the rally of the democratic party, is scheduled for 11:00, in Chisinau came the buses with regions.

“To the great national Assembly square, where was held a rally, they do not dovozili: buses parked a few blocks from the center of Chisinau, and then the organizers have built people in the column, flags and banners, after which all led to the Central square” – the newspaper writes.

On stage, savani party symbolics “the protesters” were waiting for deputies-Democrats, Ministers, leaders of the youth wing of the democratic party.

Every Democrat who stood on the stage, on the left lapel of the jacket was Natalino icon in the form of a rose.

“Almost all who stood on stage were dressed in accordance with instructions on the dress code and rules of conduct at a rally on the eve it became known from the media,” – said

During his speech, the leader of the PDM Vladimir plahotniuc announced the creation of a state doctrine.

“De facto it came about that the concept of rate PDI “Pro-Moldova” in the future will become the state doctrine,” writes the media.

“People have not participated in the rally, but rather watched as the audience. Chants and slogans were picked up except by those who lined up on the stage and members of the youth wing of the democratic party and the activists who stood in the forefront. In General, the crowd watched what was happening on the stage with undisguised indifference” – the newspaper notes.

У Молдові партія влади звезла десятки тисяч людей для мітингу на свою підтримку – новини ZIK.UA

У Молдові партія влади звезла десятки тисяч людей для мітингу на свою підтримку – новини ZIK.UA

У Молдові партія влади звезла десятки тисяч людей для мітингу на свою підтримку – новини ZIK.UA

According to media reports, many of those present at the “rally” turned out to be an employee of a state institution. In particular, the travel of their employees to share the PDM to Chisinau organized Otnicka enterprise branch Furnizarea Energiei Electrice Nord (local electricity provider).

However, “meeting” was attended by participants “contratista”: during a speech of the speaker of Parliament Andrian CANDU and leaders of the Democrats of Vladimir Plahotniuc, several dozen residents who gathered near the arc de Triomphe, chanted “Thieves,” “Bring back a billion!”.

Recall that in late September the constitutional court of Moldova suspended from the duties of the President Igor Dodon at the request of the deputies of the democratic party after the President refused to appoint Ministers proposed by the Prime Minister. The powers of Dodona was temporarily transferred to the Prime Minister.

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