In Moldova started the campaign

 В Молдове началась избирательная кампания

With promises interspersed with reproaches and accusations campaign launched a number of competitors. The socialists have become a target of the party of the shore, and themselves once again unflattering comments about the previous administration in Chisinau. They announced about the launch of the national campaign, and talked mainly about the capital.

“We in the city was a man by the name of Dorin Chirtoaca. For ten years he brought the capital to a complete decline. Directly or indirectly we ran this gull from the capital”, – said the candidate of the party of socialists ion Ceban.

Ilan Shor, meanwhile, criticized the activities of the socialists in the last eight years.

“It is their specific style, a lot of talking and doing nothing. Not fulfilled any of the promises made in the past eight years, and which was a lot. Today the socialists are looking for explanations for the defeat, which is very close in the parliamentary elections”, – said the candidate of the party “blinders” Ilan Shor.

Shore said that the psrm is looking for fault in other parties, not realizing that losing supporters because of their own inaction. The socialists on these statements has not yet responded.