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The Moldovan Parliament postponed for a week a vote on the question of the inclusion of the phrase about the European integration as a common strategic vector of development of the state.

This was stated by the speaker of Parliament Andrian CANDU during the past parliamentary debates, reports UKRINFORM.

У Молдові відклали голосування щодо європейської інтеграції – новини ZIK.UA

“I’m disappointed with what happened in Parliament. Political and party interests were put above the national interests of Moldova. Following the well-known adage that wisdom comes with age, I propose to postpone the voting on this issue for a week,” said Kanda.

The speaker expressed the hope that the present Parliament time will allow them to realize that the inclusion of the vector of European integration to the Constitution – a unique chance to make a vector of EU integration irreversible, for the sake of future generations of Moldova.

On Friday, October 12, the Parliament of Moldova has discussed the legislative initiative of the ruling coalition headed by the Democratic party on the inclusion of the phrase about European integration in the Constitution as a unified strategic direction of development of the country.

Against this initiative were made by the deputies from the faction of socialists, liberals and the liberal Democrats.

According to Moldovan legislation, to amend the Constitution needs the votes of 67 (out of 101) members of Parliament.

The ruling coalition should enlist the support of MPs from the Liberal and liberal democratic parties, who called the bill “populist”.

Deputies from the Party of socialists refuse to vote for this bill.

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