In Mexico in the gym shot the daughter of member of Parliament (VIDEO)

В Мексике в спортзале застрелили дочь депутата парламента (ВИДЕО)

In Mexico, unknown shot 22-year-old Valerie Medel, the daughter of a member of Parliament Carmen Medel.

According to the newspaper, Universal, 22-year-old girl was shot in the gymnasium of the Ciudad Mendoza.

It is indicated that the attack took place in the gym of Veracruz in the East, she studied at the medical University of the city.

It is known that the work of Parliament was suspended after the mother during the session I got the message about the murder of the daughter.

The motives of the perpetrator are still unknown, the police are looking for the shooter.

According to the publication, last year in Veracruz occurred more than a thousand murders, and the whole country – more than 22 thousand.

In Solomenskiy district of Kiev on 29 October there was the attack on the Deputy of Kyiv city Council (fraction “Freedom”) of Vladimir Nazarenko.

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