In Mexico a child is born with a cross on his forehead (PHOTO)

В Мексике родился ребенок с крестом на лбу (ФОТО)

In Mexico, the light appeared unusual baby: from birth on his forehead a cross. The news quickly spread through the neighborhood like a native of the city of Salina Cruz and the country as a whole. At the moment the baby is two months.

This is reported

First, the cross was blurred, so everyone thought the baby abrasion. Over time, however, the peculiarity of the child has not disappeared, but rather became more clear. Local priests suggest that the child has some special purpose.

Clerics, in turn, said that today the incredible scope becomes atheism. If you continue people will think only about the luxury to be selfish and drown in lust, then in a few decades nothing sacred will remain. God will be completely overthrown. In the Bible there is a story relating to just the fall.

Faith now becomes a formality: people adhere to traditions and rituals, but their inner beliefs are totally different. This trend is particularly noticeable in Mexico: Catholics go to Church and at the same time venerate Santa Muerte. Can be introduced child the new Messiah. Doctors believe that the emerging bruise on his forehead over time will resolve.

We will remind, in Thailand is rampant and horrible fascination — adults “adopt” the dolls, believing that they inhabit by spirits (e.g., killed in the abortion of children). The Thais worship their favorite dolls, carry them everywhere with them and believe that they bring good luck.