In Manchester Alexander Usyk will fight against Tony Bellew – news ZIK.UA

У Манчестері Олександр Усик сьогодні боксуватиме проти Тоні Беллью – новини ZIK.UA

Today, 10 November, in Manchester, in the ring at the “Manchester arena” will come Oleksandr Usyk (Ukraine) – Tony Bellew (UK).

It will be a battle for the title of absolute world champion in heavy weight. Live broadcast on TV channel “inter”. Beginning at 22:30, said

Why this fight Barb?

Immediately after the victory over Murat Gassim and winning the title of absolute world champion in heavy weight, a graduate student of the Lviv state University of physical culture Alexander Usik challenged Tony Bellew. The desire to meet in the ring this year with the popular British boxer analysts explained the new strategy of team Mustache. She was to light on a rich and prestigious UK market and gradually get to the battle against of world’s best boxer Anthony Joshua. For the sake of the Tendril plans to climb to the heavyweight division and started to cooperate with the promotion company ADDY Mining, which is now one of the TOP 5 most influential people in Boxing.

The new strategy has successfully coincided with a sports dream and maybe just a whim of the Tendril. Here is wanted Ukrainians to come together with “Liverpool taxi driver” and that’s it. I think some personal reason to beat Belly Sasha too, otherwise he would not challenge him in a rather familiarly form.

У Манчестері Олександр Усик сьогодні боксуватиме проти Тоні Беллью – новини ZIK.UA

The tendril easily win?

Ukrainian boxer the best in all components: it’s faster, he’s physically stronger, he’s a lot smarter in the ring. The tendril unbeatable moving, can perform any stroke or combination may be in for a fight to change tactics. According to experts, “Mustache – it’s a Boxing computer it throughout the round able to calculate the plan of the opponent and to find the most optimal path to victory.”

Saying that barb is enough to copy your perfect Boxing against Gassieva and then no Belly will not reach him. The absence of corner Lomachenko, Sr. (who led the fight in Moscow, but in Manchester it will not) should not be a disadvantage. Usyk is already able to control his actions and emotions in the ring.

Barbel five years in professional Boxing and in those five years he was on the path he’s ambitious beginner to absolute world champion. Against Bellew Ukrainian was not afraid to put all the championship belts, and it means that he is aware of the responsibility and ready to fight in Manchester at 100%.

The fact that Usyk will fight on foreign soil, for a Ukrainian, no problem. All of his major victories he won in the ring rivals. The same Gassieva he beautifully won in Moscow. So, Bellew will have a huge support of the British fans in Manchester, however hostile the podium only to add the Tendril of adrenaline. And he’s such a fighter that the more you drive, the better the box it shows.

У Манчестері Олександр Усик сьогодні боксуватиме проти Тоні Беллью – новини ZIK.UA

Do you have Belly chance?

Yes, and this chance is a knockout. Rate Tony Bellew in this game – the unpredictability, dirty tricks and the force of the blow. 35-year-old Bellew substantially “dry” before the fight with the Moustache (dropped at least 10 kg), so it is enough to move well and will not have problems with stamina. At least the first six to eight rounds Briton to stand on their own feet.

Another advantage of the applicant – his motivation. After two brilliant victories in the heavyweight division over David Haye, Tony accepted the challenge of the Ukrainians and for the sake of this fight came down to a lower weight. For him this is a unique chance – to win absolute champion to take his belt and on the waves of glory to retire. Of course, this movie is not included in the plans of Alexander Usik, who begins his invasion of Albion.

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