In Magnitogorsk on duty security forces, the bodies are not given to relatives: what happens

В Магнитогорске дежурят силовики, тела не отдают родственникам: что происходит

Once in the Russian city of Magnitogorsk completely collapsed floors 7 entrance, relatives of the victims are trying to survive their grief and loved ones a decent burial, wrote the Politek.

However, local authorities do not allow to do this. For starters, most of the victims must conduct an examination to understand the cause of death. As you know, on the middle floors of the house exploded gas and concrete construction buried under dozens of people and children.

Thus, in the 314 apartment collapsed the entire ceiling, except kitchen. In the room to the last flickering light, so the relatives of the 56-year-old Marina Vladimirovna, including 35-year-old son Denis, continue to believe that the woman is alive and she managed to escape through the kitchen.

В Магнитогорске дежурят силовики, тела не отдают родственникам: что происходит

“Marina retired, but works part-time in a Department store. The son works in a tire shop. When it became known that the explosion occurred, he rushed to the place. But nothing could not help. Marina’s phone was on until the night of 31 December, and then passed out. Last time I spoke with my sister in the evening of 30 August. She passed the cashier, and the New year was to celebrate me, in the 9th entrance. While there is hope – we believe. Hope no one will take away” — said the sister of the missing Julia.

In turn, the son of the deceased, it is also usually slept at home, but on the fateful night decided to stay the night at his girlfriend. He regularly visits the operational headquarters and is waiting for news about his mother.

Another victim of negligent public utilities – Honorary donor of the USSR — 69-Letnany Galina Efimovna, she was a Concierge at the entrance, residents remember her as a cheerful and sweet lady. The woman’s body was found January 2, the son has already identified her.

“On your mother’s face was bruising. At the morgue said that her body is sent for examination, and the funeral will be able to organize not earlier than 7 January,” said the heartbroken son.

В Магнитогорске дежурят силовики, тела не отдают родственникам: что происходит

In addition, under the rubble has arrived for a sleepover to grandma’s 4-year-old grandson. After the family gathering the younger son of 67-year-old honored worker of kindergarten Nelly Nikolaevna decided to leave the child in the care of the grandmother, they didn’t.

Along with those who lost loved ones grieve and the other inhabitants of the collapsed house. Many brought under the porch flowers, lamps and soft toys. However, many local and concerned about their fate.

According to one of the residents of emergency buildings, nobody wants to live in a mass grave. In addition, neighboring entrances, though, and remained standing, but the apartments are now noticeably cold and no one knows what to expect next.