In Lviv was begun to dismantle the monument of Glory. Photo

Во Львове приступили к демонтажу Монумента Славы. Фото

About the beginning of works was announced on 17 December last year

In Lviv on the street Stryj began to construct the scaffolding for dismantling the monument of Glory. On Wednesday, January 23, reports the website of the city Council. Work will be completed by the end of the day.

We will remind, about the beginning of work to demolish the 30-meter emergency stele that is part of the Glory Monument in the street Stryj, was announced on 17 December last year, and the dismantling was supposed to end on December 31. In the city Council such delay explain the problems with tendering for the work, reports

“We as the customer of works on dismantling of emergency steles of the monument of Glory was three times announced a tender for definition of contract organization, but none came. Accordingly, after this went into effect a direct procedure of signing the agreement with the contractor. First, we entered into an agreement with Altera. But after a detailed study of the size and complexity of the works, the company wrote a letter to the Galician district administration with the message that requests to terminate a contract for work in connection with the failure of the fixed assets necessary for the performance of dismantling. So, Monday we signed a new agreement with the FOP novel Homa”, – quotes the press service of the Council of the President of the Galician regional administration Andrey Zozulya.

Во Львове приступили к демонтажу Монумента Славы. Фото

Во Львове приступили к демонтажу Монумента Славы. Фото

Earlier it was reported that the dismantling of the stele will cost the city budget of almost 300 thousand hryvnias. To dismantle the entire stele will fail because of its complex design, so it will destroy gradually. The individual elements after the dismantling of the offer to transfer to the Lviv Museum of the Territory of terror.

Lviv city hall took the decision to dismantle the emergency 30-metre-high pylon of the monument of Glory in February 2018. Themselves the monument was opened in 1970. The ensemble of the memorial, in addition to 30 meters high monument consists of concrete compositions with figures of warriors and figures of the Soviet soldier and the Motherland.