In Lithuania called specific year when Ukraine could become an EU member

В Литве назвали конкретный год, когда Украина может стать членом ЕС

Lithuania and Poland will be promoted in the European Union the strategic initiative in Ukraine in the year 2027 the prospects of membership in the community.

This was stated by former Prime Minister of Lithuania, a candidate for the post of Secretary General of the Council of Europe Andrius Kubilius, reports UKRINFORM.

According to him, Poland and Lithuania during its EU presidency will try to advance the issue of accession to Ukraine.

“We to present “Marshall plan” added a new component. This is part two, so to speak, which was called “Ukraine-2027″. In this regard, we may discuss in Ukraine before the election, very clearly indicated. 2027-th is the year when Lithuania will be the second time to the presidency of the European Union. To us in 2025 will be chaired by Poland. Now with the poles of the discussion about the need to create such strategic linkages. That is both countries during their presidencies can raise ambitious question that the EU came to a very specific decision on the further promotion of Ukraine in the European Union”, – he said.

Lithuanian politician said that we are talking about granting Ukraine the concrete prospects of EU membership.

We will try to do it. But on the condition that Ukraine itself, too, will do their homework before 2025-2027 years. The window of opportunity is,
– said Kubilius.
Recall rasovoi the parliamentary Committee recommends Parliament to enshrine in the Constitution the foreign policy of joining NATO and the European Union.

According to the Deputy head of the Committee, the people’s Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” Basil Janicki, the Committee recommended the Parliament to support a basis the bill on amendments to the Constitution regarding the strategic course to join the EU and NATO.

“In February, the Parliament will vote for constitutional changes. Ukraine’s accession to the EU and NATO is part of a strategy of decolonization and exit of our country from the sphere of influence of Russia”, – said Janicki.