In Kiev there was a bloody incident with the police. Video

В Киеве произошло кровавое ЧП с полицейским. Видео

The details of the incident

In the Obolon district of Kiev, armed man stole goods from a supermarket and shot a COP.

The incident occurred on December 30 at 19:44 at the prospect of Stepan Bandera, 11a. The man took out goods from the store “Epicenter” of the robber was detained by the police guard, reports “Informant”.

As told by the eyewitnesses, the unknown man stole merchandise from the store. It saw the guards and passed the information to police. Arrived at the scene, the police guard and caught up with the robber. When law enforcement officers detained the offender, he began to threaten them with a gun.

Police managed to knock out of the hands of a man with a gun, but at the time of arrest, the offender pulled out a knife and wounded a police officer in the leg. After that, the attacker cut his arm. The police and the detainee needed medical care, they were admitted to the hospital.

The police determined that the detainee already repeatedly had problems with the law. Arrived at the scene investigative team to document the entire incident. The details of the incident will establish a consequence.