In Kiev massively cancel flights: “storm struck”

В Киеве массово отменяют авиарейсы: «непогода нанесла удар»

In most parts of the country are expected heavy precipitation

In the capital airport “Kiev” cancelled several flights arriving from Turkey, Poland and Egypt.

Also cancelled and flights from capital in these areas, reports

So, cancelled the flight from Kiev following flights.

В Киеве массово отменяют авиарейсы: «непогода нанесла удар»

As for arrivals, canceled one flight from Ankara (1:05) and the other (8:20) — delayed until 17:30. Cancelled flight from Warsaw (1:10) and the Sharm El-Sheikh (11:05) and Izmir (13:00).

As reported, on 25 December in most parts of Ukraine are expected heavy precipitation. In the South and East, sleet, blizzards, in most Northern and Central regions of heavy snow in East, Dnepropetrovsk, night as in Zaporizhia, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions of strong precipitation, in some places sleet sticking, ice.

Forecasters appeal to drivers and pedestrians to be especially careful on the roads, because the 25 Dec on country roads sleet.

In addition to precipitation, weather forecast Ukraine December 25, will be complicated by strong winds. The wind on 25 December in most parts of the territory will be North-West, only East, it will change its direction to South-East. Speed of 7-12 m/s. Possible gusts of 15-20 m/s, in the sea of Azov places of 25-28 m/s.

Difficult will be the situation in the Carpathians, where on December 25 in connection with shopathome and blizzards in the highlands of Ivano-Frankivsk region and in the mountains of the Transcarpathian region is expected to be a significant snow avalanche danger (level 3). In mountainous areas there is a threat of landslides of snow on the road.