In Kiev, I thought there was a fire, there is a victim. Video

В Киеве на СТО произошел пожар, есть жертва. Видео

The fire occurred because of careless handling of the stove

In the night of Thursday, December 20, at one of Kiev’s stations at the street., 13 a fire occurred, during which he killed a guard.

The call on line 101 received on Wednesday, December 19, at about 23:40, reports Informant.

According to preliminary data, the fire occurred in the cabin of the guard. At the time of the fire the man was in the room.

According to a HUNDRED employees, 47-year-old security guard named Paul was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and slept. Seeing that the flames had reached the hut, the people rushed to the rescue male. From the room he was pulled up by one of the local workers. However, by this time the guard was already dead.

Arrived at the scene, firefighters were able to quickly eliminate the fire. The fire completely destroyed the hut and also damaged the rear bumper of the van, who was standing nearby. Witnesses were able to quickly get the car away from the fire, saved the car from more serious damage. According to preliminary information, the fire occurred because of careless handling of the stove, which was in the room of the guard.