In Kiev can’t identify found unconscious young woman

​В Киеве не могут опознать найденную без сознания молодую девушку

2 January on the streets of Toulouse in the capital was found by a young woman, about 25-30 years old, unconscious, which presumably fell from a great height. Relatives of the victim are still not found.

About it reports “Operational Kyiv”, reports the Apostrophe.

“02.01.2019, at about 17:20 hours at the address: Kyiv, str 2/58, it was discovered an unknown woman with obvious injuries, which the latter likely received as a result of falling from a height. At the age of about 25-30 years old, about 160 height, tattoo on right forearm in the form of abstraction, on the left forearm scars. Was dressed in dark blue jeans, “leopard” jacket of gray, black boots, green and black jacket”, – stated in the message.