In Kenya, the attack on the hotel killed 15 people (PHOTO, VIDEO)

В Кении при нападении на отель погибли 15 человек (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) 

In the attack of militants on one of the hotel complexes in Nairobi (Kenya) killed about 15 people and at least 30 were injured.

About it reports “Correspondent” .

“According to the latest reports, the victims of the attack on the Dusit complex is listed as 15 people,” – said a source in medical circles of the city.

Among the dead are citizens of the US and the UK. This conclusion was made by the presence of identity documents. Another 11 victims of the attack were Kenyans and two were not in possession of the documents.

The US state Department confirmed that in Kenya killed a U.S. citizen. Reviews from the UK foreign office currently has not been received.

We remind that on 15 January in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, was made a terrorist attack on the hotel Dusit. Responsibility for the incident took on the Somali radical Islamist military organization al-Shabaab.

It all started in the second half of the day. First, next to the hotel blew up three cars. Apparently, they were stuffed with explosives. Then a suicide bomber detonated a bomb attached on his body, directly at the entrance to Dusit. Behind him in the hall of the hotel stormed by armed men. They opened fire on hotel staff and guests.

В Кении при нападении на отель погибли 15 человек (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) 

On the street began to panic. People ran out of the hotel and neighboring restaurants and cafes. Some jumped out of Windows. The exact number of killed and wounded has no reports. Eyewitnesses say they saw at least five corpses. “Count the bodies lying on the street? We were not before,” said one of the survivors told reporters.

The hotel profits of the Kenyan military. A small group along with physicians, who were also armed, entered the hotel, but immediately someone fired from inside. They had to retreat. Shooting and explosions in Westland still not subsiding.

In Kenya in recent years have been several major terrorist attacks. This is the responsibility of “Al-Shabab” from the neighboring state of Somalia. Its leaders have announced the goal of creating in East Africa, the Islamic state, living under Sharia law.