In Japan, two cats several years trying to go to the Museum, but they are not allowed – news ZIK.UA

В Японії два коти кілька років намагаються зайти в музей, але їх не пускають – новини ZIK.UA

For two years the usual street cats are systematically trying to go to the Museum in the Japanese Prefecture of Hiroshima. All these attempts carefully recorded on Twitter, but so far none of them has been completely successful.

Japanese art Museum Onmt known not only because of its exhibitions, many with two street cats who’ve spent years trying to get inside. In the summer of 2016 in the school had an exhibition of photos of Pets, which is interested in a cat that lives nearby. He tried to go to the Museum, but at the last moment he would not let security, writes

Since then, between the animal and the staff started a kind of confrontation. Black cat was systematically trying to get inside, but each time he was caught and kicked out, carefully locking it in the photo. Later he had an ally – the red cat that are also trying to go inside.

According to employees of companies, for more than two years, these animals several times a week to check security. Finally, the Museum has made cats his charms and called them Ken Chan (black cat) and GOU-Chan (“red cat”). From 2017 the place you can buy Souvenirs with their images, and visit the themed cafe. However, inside they are still not allowed, so cats about it know.

Ken Chan and GOU-Chan as well live on the street nearby. They are not afraid of people who now line up not only the Museum, but also to take a photo with the persistent cats. However, despite all the glory, have to be photographed from the outside – inside cats and not allowed.

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