In Japan, the rocket exploded soon after launch

In the Internet appeared the video failed rocket launch MOMO company, Interstellar Technologies in Japan.

The rocket exploded a few seconds after starting. None of the employees are not affected, since the management of the process occurred remotely.

У Японії ракета вибухнула одразу після старту

For the audience area visit amounted to one and a half kilometers, RIA Novosti reported.

President of Interstellar Technologies, Takahiro Nagawa apologized for the failure of the project to investors. According to him, the explosion could occur from-for problems with the engine.

This is the second attempt of the company to get into space flying machine. Eleven months ago on the island of Hokkaido launched a rocket dostupnost MOMO-1. She was able to rise to the height of 20 kilometers, and fell a distance of 6.5 kilometers from the launch site in the Pacific ocean.

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