In Japan 70 thousand people came to an anti – American protest- news ZIK.UA

In Naha on the Japanese island of Okinawa took to the protest of about 70 thousand people. They were against the government’s plans to move the Japanese military base and demanded the withdrawal of American troops from the territory of the Prefecture.

It is reported by the Public, citing the news Agency Xinhua.

В Японії 70 тисяч людей вийшли на антиамериканський протест – новини ZIK.UA

On the island of Okinawa located air force base marine corps U.S. under the name of “Futenma”. The local complain about the noise from a military airfield, and desire greater security in the region, so need to remove the base.

However, the Central government of Japan believes that the “only solution” for this situation is the transfer of the database to another area. Just as, in the opinion of the government, it is possible not to blow up the Japanese-us Alliance.

At the beginning of the mass action participants honored the memory of the former head of the Prefecture, Takeshi Onaga, who died 8 Aug. For many years he fought for the withdrawal of U.S. military from the Prefecture.

In June of 2018 the us military F15 fighter jet crashed in waters near the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. The pilot successfully ejected and survived.

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