In Italy you can buy a house with a sea view for 1 Euro under one condition

В Италии можно купить дом с видом на море за 1 евро при одном условии

In the Italian town of Sambuca di Sicilia, located on a hilltop with scenic views, sell real estate at a price of €1. But there are nuances.

This writes postimees.

The city authorities have gone to such measures in an attempt to revive the commune. She began to empty, because the residents began to move into the city more. Officials promise to relieve potential buyers from the bureaucratic problems that anyone could almost immediately make a purchase.

While these “actions” were held in other cities, according to representatives of the local administration, in this case the houses are in their property. Therefore, buyers will not have contact with the previous owners.

But the future tenants in order to make the “deal of the century” and live in Paradise, will have to fulfill several conditions. For example, they will have to refurbish their home within three years after the purchase, which will cost 15,000 euros and a Deposit of 5,000 euros. His promise to return after a repair is completed.

But, according to Vice mayor Giuseppe Cacioppo, buyers will definitely not be disappointed. After all, this area claims to be one of the best on earth.