In Israel say that Jerusalem is 7 thousand years – news ZIK.UA

According to the Israel antiquities authority during excavations North of Jerusalem found the remains of settlements of people belonging to the copper age, that is, until the fifth Millennium BC.

It is reported by the “Catholic observer”.

В Ізраїлі стверджують, що Єрусалиму 7 тисяч років – новини ZIK.UA

Archaeologists had been invited there to investigate the soil before you lay the new highway. The period to which these finds, also called copper-stone, because at that time people began to use tools made of copper, but still did not give up the stone. “Monuments of the copper-stone period known in the Negev, in the Galilee, but almost completely absent in the hills of Judea and in Jerusalem, says Dr. OMRI Barzilai from the Department of antiquities. Although in recent years we have found traces of settlements of the bronze and stone ages in different parts of Jerusalem, they were extremely scattered. Now, we first found significant artifacts semitization of limitations.”

We are talking about pottery, the bowl of basalt, the implements of silicon – they are all typical for copper-stone age. “Now, after the excavation, is absolutely clear that on this place on the territory of present-day Jerusalem was once a large village, – said the head of the excavation Ronit Lupo. – In addition to ceramics and stunning products of silicon we found small sickles for harvesting grain, polished axes and chisels for construction, even necklaces of precious stones.

Especially valuable are the millstones, mortars and pestles of basalt, which can be seen as the level of technology of those times, and to get an idea of what ate people.” Until now it was believed that the first settlement on the territory of modern Jerusalem was founded 4500-3500 years B. E.

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