In Israel guide dog helps the officer to perform a duty

 В Израиле собака-поводырь помогает офицеру исполнять служебные обязанности

A guide dog named Nils goes to service with his mistress – 24-year-old Israeli Frail Mowday, an officer in the Israeli military Prosecutor’s office, the newspaper writes Ynet.

She is blind from birth, but that did not stop her with honors graduate study at the law faculty, and then to serve in the Israel defense forces (IDF) in the military Prosecutor’s office. Along with her service regularly runs her loyal 3-year-old dog Nils, reports RIA Novosti.

As writes the edition, he holds a responsible and important post of assessment officer military Prosecutor military-air forces of the IDF, not every dog falls such an honor.

“I don’t let my disability stand in my way, don’t let it affect my daily life,” says hill. Another school she knew she would not refuse military service. At home, she took lessons in Jewish law, and then started studying law at University, the newspaper writes. In addition to driving a car, there is nothing that frail would not be able to do as a normal sighted person.

Like all girls, Hilo went to serve in the army, graduated from officer training and was assigned to the military Prosecutor for the IDF air force. “I have always been clear that I will serve. Military service gives me a lot, I see no reason to abandon it,” she says.