In India was buried with military honors 130-year-old crocodile

В Индии с почестями похоронили 130-летнего крокодила

About 500 villagers in India staged a lavish funeral 130-year-old crocodile named Gangaram. They were held in the village Benamocarra on the shore of a pond where lived a crocodile.

This writes the Hindustan Times.

The Indian “Gene” was delivered to his grave on a tractor, decorated with flowers and garlands. According to local residents, Gangaram were friendly and never attacked people. Many of them admired.

“Gangaram was not just a crocodile, and other divine creature, who was worshiped in that village,” – said a local resident Bazavan. He argues that children could safely swim with a crocodile – and he was not touched. The villagers loved Gangarama and brought him food, including rice and soup. In the place where is buried the crocodile, going to erect a monument in his honor.

Earlier, at the age of 14 years died last Hawaiian snail.