In India the leopard is a man-eater dragged a three year old child

В Индии леопард-людоед утащил трехлетнего ребенка

In India, looking for leopard-eater, which took three-year old boy from home in the woods, where later killed.

This writes the Times Now.

The animal sneaked into the kitchen, grabbed a little of Wasim Akram in the eyes of his mother and dragged him into the woods.

Later the boy’s body was discovered in the woods. The baby’s head was separated from the body.

According to local residents, this incident is not the first, and earlier, the leopard has already killed two people. One of the victims was an eight year old child.

For the capture of the animal was allocated to a squad, but so far these attempts have not been successful.

Also, earlier it was reported that in India, near the temple in the Indian city of Sikar bunch of monkeys rescued the leopard.