In Hungary introduced the maternity capital in the amount of €31 thousand

 В Венгрии вводят материнский капитал в размере €31 тысячи

The government has budgeted a measure to alleviate the credit programs to the purchase of housing for citizens with children.

In Hungary introduced the maternity capital in 31 thousand euros for large families, announced Prime Minister Viktor Orban. This was reported by the Hungarian MTI Agency.

And this was the answer of the Hungarians in the decline of fertility, — said Orban.

Under the terms of the state planning Commission, a woman under 40 years of age at the first marriage receives an interest-free loan in the amount of 31 417 euros, which is free to use. After the birth of their first child credit payment suspended for three years. After second child reduces the size required for a refund to the state the sum to 10 thousand Euro. And the arrival of a third child frees mothers from the payment of the entire loan amount,reports Life.

In addition, the government has budgeted a measure to relief loan programs for buying a home, the possibility of obtaining a mortgage under the simplified scheme and loans for large families.

Citizens with three children is entitled to a loan in the amount of 7.5 thousand euros for the purchase of minivans. Mothers who have given birth four or more children in the future are tax-exempt until the end of life.

As previously wrote life, the Association of Russian banks proposed to solve the problem of refinancing of mortgage loans made with the parent capital.