In his statement about the Ukrainian sailors Putin said what others were afraid – analyst

В своем заявлении об украинских моряках Путин сказал то, что другие боялись - политолог

Putin’s statement about the alleged death of Ukrainian sailors after conflict in the sea of Azov has repeatedly spoken out in Russia, Europe and Ukraine.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“The whole idea was to figure out which idea was to guide these ships in the Kerch Strait, what was their mission, why the Ministry of defence have classified the order, which allowed these ships to go down this path? That is, there are a lot of questions about what it was,” – said the expert.

According to him, in fact, Putin announced the version of events that is part of the Western politicians do not speak much, but think about it, that is, in order to disrupt the presidential election and impose martial law.

“Our President has failed and has become a kind of “stab in the rod” and most of the European Union clearly saw in it a precedent-setting attempt to disrupt the presidential campaign. In this respect, Putin expressed the opinion that present and actively discussed in the EU and beyond”, concluded A. Yakubina.

As reported, earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that “provocation” in the Kerch Strait involved the destruction of the Ukrainian sailors.