In Germany, the train collided with the truck, 17 injured

В Германии поезд столкнулся с грузовиком, 17 пострадавших

In the collision of a train with a wagon in Germany, 17 people injured.

It is reported by T-online.

“As a result of a train collision with a truck on lake Constance (Baden-württemberg) of 17 people were sent to hospital”, – stated in the message.

According to police, these 17 people were slightly injured. Among them – the driver of the truck.

It is reported that the truck drove onto the railway crossing, and the driver of the commuter train, which was traveling about 100 passengers, was unable to brake in time.

Recall, September 11, near the town of tomaszów Lubelski faced two Ukrainian vehicle, resulting in a 19-year-old girl was killed and six people were injured.

National road No. 17 was blocked for several hours.

Previously in Poland, the bus with Ukrainian tourists got in an accident, causing three people died and another 51 were injured, was hospitalized 10 children.

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