In Germany the striking employees of the airports

 В Германии бастуют сотрудники аэропортов

Strike airport staff, responsible for safety of transportation of passengers and cargo.

In Germany Thursday, January 10, strike the staff responsible for the safety of passengers and cargo. Reported by Deutsche Welle,reports Correspondent.

The strike began at three major German airports – Cologne-Bonn, düsseldorf and Stuttgart.

This information was confirmed by the representative of the trade Union Verdi. The action could affect almost 110 thousand passengers.

It is noted that due to a strike at a crossing gate, through which freight vehicles enter the territory of the air Harbor Cologne-Bonn already in the night hours arose chaos: a long queue of cars stretches of motorway linking the city with the airport.

According to media reports, the German trade Union insists on the introduction of a uniform Federal tariff, involving the payment of 20 euros per hour of work of employees, dropped passengers, cargo and airport staff. At the moment the rate varies depending on the land and the nature of the activity. Employers were willing to make concessions and to agree to increase salaries in the corridor, the upper boundary of which is expected to reach 6.4 percent. In Verdi with the offer is not accepted.

Recall, January 7 in two Berlin airports, the security staff staged a strike, which led to disruption of flights.