In Germany the hacker attack resulted in the leak of personal data of politicians

 В Германии хакерская атака привела к утечке личных данных политиков

Hackers have published personal information of hundreds of German politicians from the major parties, in particular, credit card data and mobile phone numbers. On Friday, January 4, reports the German TV station ARD TV, writes Reuters.

The data, published on the Twitter account, also contained addresses, personal letters and copies of identity cards, told public television, referring to the branch of rbb Correspondent.

Published information related to all major German parties except the right-wing AfD. The identity of hackers and their motive is unknown.

German journalist Julian Rapske notes that hackers have published data of approximately 40 German public TV journalists and 10 artists, most of which is known for its left-wing political position.

Federal office for information security Germany began to study the case of the abduction and the publication of personal data of politicians.

“Hacker attacks on politicians: now BSI is intensively studying this matter in close cooperation with other Federal authorities. The national centre for cyber security has assumed Central coordination”, – said the Agency on the social network Twitter.