In Germany, the car crashed into a crowd: four injured

 В Германии авто врезалось в толпу: четверо пострадавших

In the German city of Bottrop the driver of the car intentionally drove into a crowd four people were injured. As reported by Reuters on Tuesday, January 1, a driver who fled the scene, shouting racist remarks, when he is subsequently arrested.

The actions of the driver are regarded as a manifestation of national intolerance, writes the Correspondent.

“Investigators suspect that it is a deliberate attack may be associated with the xenophobic attitudes of the driver. The investigators have preliminary information on mental disorders at the driver,” – said the local police.

The press service of police said that among the victims there are citizens of Syria and Afghanistan. Now one of the victims is in hospital.

Prior to that, the driver tried to run down another pedestrian, but he managed to escape. The driver also intended to shoot down people at the bus stop, when he fled after the attack on the square.