In Georgia, a ninth person had died from swine flu

 В Грузии девятый человек умер от свиного гриппа

Forty-year-old woman became the ninth person recently who was the victim of virus “swine flu” (H1N1), according to TV company “Rustavi 2”.

According to her, “the woman was hospitalized for acute respiratory infection and lack of oxygen.” According to doctors, despite treatment, she died on the 6th of January.

The Ministry of health of Georgia encourages all citizens to make flu vaccination and to respect hygiene measures, transfers RIA Novosti news Agency.

The head of the Center for disease control Amiran Gamkrelidze reiterated in conversation with reporters, that the epidemic in the country. According to him, “in Georgia on Monday 162 laboratory-confirmed cases, of which 158, that is, cases of H1N1, the other four are H3N2”.