In Gagauzia, a mother killed and dismembered son, and the remains burned and dumped in a landfill

 В Гагаузии мать убила и расчленила сына, а останки сожгла и выбросила на свалку

A resident of Gagauzia killed his son, burned the body, and then dismembered the corpse and threw it in the garbage pit. The crime was committed in the village of Cazaclia Ceadir-Lunga district. As we found out, in the afternoon, the 39-year-old son was arrested came home drunk and quarreled with his mother because of the fact that she instead received a disability pension.

The conflict between the two sides escalated into something worse. An angry 66-year-old woman repeatedly hit his son with a pan of the head, with the result that he fell unconscious on the floor. Due to the received traumas the man died. Writes, waiting for nightfall, the woman took out the corpse in the yard, covered by a layer of debris and set on fire. The next day the mother of the ax chopped off his son’s head, hands and feet, put body parts in a wheelbarrow and dumped in the local landfill, reports next night the woman continued to burn in the yard the remains of his son. Soon mother-the murderer was detained by the local police. The circumstances of the incident are established, conducted the proceedings.