In France, the visitors attraction in new year’s eve stuck at a height of 60 meters (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Во Франции посетители аттракциона в новогоднюю ночь застряли на высоте 60 метров (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

In France visitors to the faulty attraction stuck at a height of 60 meters.

Reports radio station France Info.

The incident took place in Rennes for a couple of hours before the New year. Eight stranded people tried to remove using the stairs, but it was necessary to involve the helicopter. Attraction Bomber Max, consisting of two rotating gondolas is out of order at about 21:30.

The rescue operation began after half an hour when arriving firefighters deployed a ladder with a height of 30 meters. It was assumed that the blocked visitors, among whom were several children, on their own overcome more than 20 meters down on the “shoulder” of the attraction to the platform stairs. The maneuver proved impossible, and the rescuers made the decision to evacuate participants of the incident by helicopter.

Earlier it was reported that in Odessa on the tree lit festive illuminations. According to an eyewitness, fired up high voltage cable and also commented: “People though that, you could lose your life, and they climb under the wire.”

On a scene there arrived employees of public service on emergency situations, which began to extinguish a wire using a fire extinguisher. It should be noted that at the time illuminations was already de-energized.