In France disappeared an armored-truck driver with 1 million euros (PHOTOS)

Во Франции исчез водитель-инкассатор с 1 миллионом евро (ФОТО)

In France, near the city of Aubervilliers disappeared 28-year-old driver of an armoured van with approximately 1 million euros.

It is reported by Le Parisien.

The report said, the last time the driver saw in front of Western Union office around six in the morning. Collectors have entered the Western Union building, and when he returned, the driver was gone.

Later, the van found 500 meters down the road, but the driver and 60 bags of cash was gone. The police opened a case and are looking for the driver.

Recall that in 2018, it was reported that the attackers on collectors in Irpin, Kyiv region kidnapped 1.8 million hryvnias, the Bank announced a reward for information about the attackers.