In France detained 345 protesters

 Во Франции задержали 345 участников протестов

The experience is concluded 281 participant of the protest of the “yellow jackets”, held on 5 January in Paris.

The number of detainees on the results of the demonstrations of the movement “yellow jackets” January 5, in France amounted to 345 people, of whom 281 were remanded in custody. This was reported by the newspaper Le Monde, citing recent data from the country’s interior Ministry on Monday, January 7.

“Arrested 345 people, including 281 detained”, – quotes the message Corresponded.

The protests of “yellow jackets” began in France in mid-November, with demands not to raise taxes on fuel and gasoline prices, and then it was supplemented by several others. Dissatisfied with the economic policy of the French authorities members of the movement continue to take to the streets across the country, despite the declared leadership of the country measures to calm the situation. Often protests accompanied by riots and clashes of protesters with the police.