In Facebook you can place a 3D photo (VIDEO)

В Facebook можно будет размещать 3D-фото (ВИДЕО)

The Facebook company presented new opportunities to embed photos in posts. Now users will be able to turn their two-dimensional images into 3D photos.

This was reported by representatives of the company, as reported in the media.

To make pictures more lively, the platform will allow you to experiment with them in portrait mode.

To create the image you need to click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the new message and select 3D, and then you go to the choice of a portrait photo in your phone. Selecting a picture, post it as usual, then the picture will appear in the news feed. Facebook offers the use of images with different degree of depth, objects with contrasting colors in the background, crisp edges and texture.

A new feature will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Recall, the company Facebook introduced a special tablet designed exclusively for video calls, on the basis of artificial intelligence.

The company has introduced a device for home video called Portal, which the company said, “will completely change the way we keep in touch”.

“Thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence, Portal makes video calls easier and more similar to live chat, while the widescreen display allows you to enjoy every moment together,” the developers promise.

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