In Europe, there was a scandal because of ptsu: recognition in question

В Европе разгорелся скандал из-за ПЦУ: признание под вопросом

In Europe, there was a scandal because of the recognition of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Opponents Thomas demanded to recognize the Ecumenical Patriarch as a heretic

Yesterday in Bulgaria was held a Synod of the Orthodox Church, which discussed the issue of recognition of ptsu. About it told the publication

Patriarch Neofit, Bishop of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church emphasized that Ukraine is an independent country, therefore, has the right to an Autocephalous Church. However, did not agree with the Pro-Russian metropolitans lovchanski Gabriel, Ivan Varna and Daniel Dometian of Vidin.

Opponents Thomas for Ukraine was also supported by Metropolitan Ioannikii Sliven, Anthony Western, Seraphim neophyte and Gregory Vratsa. They urged the Synod to side with ROC and declare the Ecumenical Patriarch a heretic.

In turn, Bishop Neophyte was supported by the metropolitans of the United States, Canada and Australia Joseph, Gregory Veliko Tarnovo, Ignatius, Pleven, Plovdiv Nikolay, Ambrose Dorozenski, Naum Ruse and Cyprian Starozagorski.

The neophyte passed on the request of Pro-Russian metropolitans canonical Commission. Just the offer of support of the Russian Church received 7 votes, while the opposite opinion — 8 votes.