In England, the child of a Ghost got on a selfie

 В Англии ребенок-призрак попал на селфи

In the English town of Thorne, the Ghost of a child caught on a selfie-a photo of two girlfriends. It is reported by The Sun.

drugi Kerry Morris and 28-year-old Natalie Wilkinson went on a tour of the 12th century Church. The girls learned about the courses ringers, but first decided to walk through the territory, writes the Correspondent.

When the friends climbed the narrow steps to the belfry they took a selfie. Girls behind the group that nobody got on a photo, then caught up with the other tour participants.

 В Англии ребенок-призрак попал на селфи

What came on the photo of the girl I saw at the end of the walk. In the background you can see the face of a child Ghost.

Later it turned out that the door in the background photo in the temple called the “Doors of the devil” and left open to release evil spirits.

It is also reported that researchers of the paranormal have confirmed the authenticity of the picture.