In Egypt found an ancient press for making wine and wine storage

 В Египте нашли древний пресс для изготовления вина и винное хранилище

The Egyptian archaeological mission discovered in the province of El-Beheira in Egypt ancient press for grapes and wine storage.

As reported by the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt, press, and storage was a part of the archaeological complex that included living quarters and belonged, probably, to the Greco-Roman era in Egyptian history (around the mid IV century BC to the end of IV century BC),reports RIA Novosti.

According to Egyptian scientists discovered “wine production” will allow to understand more precisely how it produced and stored the wine. In particular, during the excavations there were found clay amphorae and fragments of thick walls of brick interspersed with limestone blocks. This design may have been used to maintain the correct temperature during storage and aging of wine from this region, which was highly valued in the Greco-Roman period.

In addition, the archaeologists found fragments of colored plaster and mosaic. They believe that these findings are related to the building, where the dwelling of the owner or Manager of this production.