In early December, is expected to peak in the incidence of SARS – Ministry of health

В начале декабря ожидается пик заболеваемости ОРВИ - Минздрав

The rise in the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in Ukraine will traditionally begin in the second half of November and the peak is expected in early December.

This was stated by Director General of the public health Center of Ministry of health of Ukraine Volodymyr Kurpita.

According to him, is that doctors do not record of increasing incidence and epidemic threshold incidence of influenza and ORVI is not exceeded in any of the regions of Ukraine.

According to the Center for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine for the current week with flu and SARS ill 143 thousand Ukrainians, of whom 71% were children under the age of 17.

The Agency warned that the flu this season at risk for the more than 13 million people in our country.”At risk somewhere in the 13.5 million Ukrainians, that is, 30% of Ukrainians have a high chance to get infected or to get complications from influenza,” – said Vladimir Kurpita.

This year we welcome:

the virus similar to A/Michigan/45/2015(H1N1)pdm09;

the virus similar to A/Singapore/ INFIMH-16-0019/2016(H3N2);

the virus is similar to the B/Colorado/06/2017.

Doctors say that the best way to protect yourself from the flu is to get vaccinated. Ukraine has already received 350 thousand vaccines, they should be enough until mid-December.

Every year in Ukraine recorded almost 6 million infections, 98% of whom are of influenza and SARS. In the past year from the flu in Ukraine has killed seven people. None of the victims of the flu were not vaccinated.

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