In Denmark trains collided: six victims

 В Дании столкнулись поезда: шесть жертв

In Denmark as a result of a train accident on a railway bridge killed six people. The incident occurred on the way from the island of Funen to the island of Zealand, according to local newspaper Avisen Wednesday, January 2.

In a passenger train crashed into the to break away from following in the opposite direction of a freight train design, reports.

At the time of the accident the train was carrying 131 passengers and three people who were there. Twitter police in Denmark confirmed the deaths in the incident.

According to local media reports, the accident occurred due to the fact that freight trains traveling the opposite direction, flipped a piece of canvas, which forced the driver of a passenger train to make sharp braking.

After the incident, the Great belt bridge was closed for both rail and vehicular traffic. The work of emergency services in place makes heavy storm.

 В Дании столкнулись поезда: шесть жертв