In Crimea, Russia will build a new radar station missile warning

В Крыму Россия построит новую радиолокационную станцию ракетного предупреждения

Near Sevastopol in 2019, the Russian Federation plans to begin construction of new radar station (radar) “Voronezh-DM” system of missile warning (EWS).

About it reports “Interfax” citing a source in law enforcement bodies of the region.

“The time and place of the deployment of new stations is determined: it is expected that it will start to build next year at the location of the old radar station “Dnipro” Sevastopol” – said the source.

He noted that the new radar “will significantly exceed the combat capabilities of the station “Dnepr”, which covers the Middle East and could “see” the launches of ballistic missiles of various basing on the distance to three and a half thousand kilometers.”

It should be noted that the station “Dnepr” in Sevastopol after the collapse of the USSR went to Ukraine, some time was leased by Russia, but soon the contract was broken. And “Dnepr” has not been used for over a decade and fell into disrepair.

It also became known that Russia in the Crimea begins to use an automated system for monitoring surface situation with the protection of Maritime borders. “To guard the borders in the area tasked to implement and use automated inspection system “Frontier”. This work is carried out”,- said another source of “Interfax”.

According to him, it’s a new system, which previously was not in the Crimea. According to open sources, the system receives information from the Autonomous wireless stations. Each post is capable of up to 200 targets, determine their coordinates, motion parameters and to accompany using opto-electronic systems.

Also, earlier it was reported that Ukraine will appeal to the international community regarding the closure of the Bosphorus in connection with the seizure of Russian military Ukrainian ships and sailors after the attack in the Kerch Strait.

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