In China, rescuers came to the aid of the man who was fishing in the toilet – news ZIK.UA

У Китаї рятувальники прийшли на допомогу чоловікові, який ловив рибу у туалеті – новини ZIK.UA

The incident occurred in the Chinese city San Ian on Saturday, October 13. Chinese, who helped, explained that the live fish, which he bought for dinner, he jumped from his hand into the toilet, and he put his right hand entirely in the drain hole in an attempt to catch her. He soon realized that he could not move, and the neighbors called for him to rescue.

About it reports the edition of the Daily Mail, writes

Rescuers broke the toilet with a hammer and drill. To catch a fish to man and failed.

Chinese Internet users are extremely surprised that people have got for fish into the toilet. “Surely he would want to eat this fish if I managed to pull her out of the toilet?”, asked the user Chen Haonan.

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