In China have created artificial skin for health monitoring

В Китае создали искусственную кожу для мониторинга состояния здоровья

Chinese scientists have created an artificial color of the electronic skin based on graphene, which can function as a wearable electronic device.

About it reports “Xinhua”.

The new development, dubbed e-skin, can function as a device for monitoring the state of health. An article on the invention published in the journal ACS Nano. The device uses a thin, flexible and stretchable electronic material that mimics human skin and can feel pressure, temperature and tension.

It is noted that the graphene – ultra-thin substance, characterized by excellent flexibility and conductivity. It is an ideal material for electronic skin. Experts from the Chinese Tsinghua University have demonstrated graphene’s electronic skin with the use of laser scribing.

Electronic skin can be attached to human skin, as well as masks or throat to measure the signals of the body, including breathing, heartbeat and voice. It exhibits high sensitivity and long term stability, can withstand high temperature and are comfortable to wear. Scientists are convinced that the electronic skin has a tremendous potential for applications in healthcare and artificial intelligence.

As previously reported, bioengineers have moved closer to printing human organs. In January scientists from the UK have created a method of 3D printing of human tissues.

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