In Canada, we found anomalous zone, where it is impossible to unlock and start the car (PHOTO)

В Канаде нашли аномальную зону, где невозможно разблокировать и завести автомобиль (ФОТО)

Something strange is going on in the Parking lot near a grocery store Westview Co-operative Association Carstairs in a small town Carstairs in Northern Alberta, Canada.

This is reported by “Paranormal news”.

Since the beginning of 2019 drivers leaving their cars there, began to notice that it stopped working, key-razblokirovki, and if you are able to open the car, he then inexplicably won’t start.

В Канаде нашли аномальную зону, где невозможно разблокировать и завести автомобиль (ФОТО)

The problems have been going on for several weeks and at first all the drivers think the FOB works because the battery is dead. But when they return to the store, voiced the problem to the seller and buy new batteries, they are the fobs wouldn’t open the car. If something blocks their signals.

“I’ve worked here for four years and it is something very strange,” says the cashier Laura Straight, “People actually now are in big trouble, they are afraid to go here on the machines, as I don’t know if I can go back.”

According to Laura, the locals much has been written about this anomaly in social networks.

“It usually starts like this “I was in the store, Co-op and there it was. Someone had the same problem?”.

And suddenly to this post starting to write reviews hundreds of local residents, which was the same.

“Yes. last week the same thing happened to my car”, “It happened today to me” and so forth.” The shop manual has a very serious attitude to the abovementioned issue and invited a team of electricians. But, alas, they failed to find the cause of the anomaly.

“We shut down all power sources on-site store to determine that the interference is not coming from our building,” says store Manager Stephen Kennedy – “it is unknown where she goes, we are now waiting for answers from the Ministry.”

According to Kennedy, they are contacted and work with all its neighbours, partners and the Ministry of innovation, science and economic development. Meanwhile, according to Laura Straight, the locals profusely developed their own conspiracy theories, and fans to try on the tin foil hat there no shortage.

According to these theories, the reasons may be newly installed in a nearby store security, owned by Tim Horton. This store was opened just after Christmas, when the problems started. Also charged equipment used in the construction of a road nearby, and even the demolition of an old building.

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