In Canada, discovered a unique hares-cannibals (VIDEO)

В Канаде обнаружены уникальные зайцы-каннибалы (ВИДЕО)

Scientists have removed on video as American hares-the whites that live in the wild in the North-Western part of Canada, eating carrion. In fact, they are cannibals, the researchers said.

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Animals, to survive, resorted to this method in the winter time because they lack food. However, rabbits not only eat carrion, but the feathers of small birds. In the video, filmed by scientists, the whites eat carrion. Indicated that they eat and the bodies of their relatives. It is important that cannibalism was noted in 12% of cases, the rabbits ate 20 bodies from 161.

Keven of Cowgill, the canadian researcher, said that laying out in the woods and opened cans of canned fish. To come to them, not marten, and wolves, and American rabbits the whites. This confirms the assumption that the animals being in survival mode in the winter, forced to eat unusual for them food.

Earlier in Kharkiv detained a cannibal who killed ex-policeman and began to eat it.